A Cup of Amazement

I’m writing this right after my last post because it’s always on my mind, but a totally different mindset than the previous post. 

I am 22 years old and I just got my license less than two weeks ago. This is because driving has always seemed like an incredibly complex and daunting task to take on. You’re in control of a two ton piece of metal that is hurling itself at speeds of over 60 miles per hour. Not only that, there are hundreds around you doing the same thing. You constantly hear about all the stupid people in the world and how they’re incapable of doing this or that job. So how is that virtually everyone learns how to drive? It really just blows my mind. I am not meaning to brag, but by some standards, people consider me smart, but I am terrified of driving. I really would not want to if it was not basically a necessity. The freedom and the control of driving feels nice but the complexity is just overwhelming. 

I’m getting sad about what happened earlier again so I guess I’m done for now. 


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