A Cup of Progress

For years now, my bedroom door has been bothering me. Every time I closed it, the latch would not quite fit into the strike plate. Okay, so I looked up the parts of a door knob to write that. But what happened was, the thing wouldn’t fit into the hole so my door would never shut completely. This ends up being quite a pain. So when my door was “shut,” if any doors nearby were slammed, my door would swing open. This would happen when I’m sleeping too, meaning I would have to uncomfortably sleep with the door open with people walking back and forth by my room, or get up out of bed and shut it. While I’d be getting ready, I’d have to stand by the door and kick it closed every time it started to swing open. I’d leave my trash can in front of the door so it’d be there to catch it whenever I wasn’t at the door and needed it to stay shut. Obviously, this is not a big problem, but a nuisance enough. EXCEPT, I never did anything about it.

Until today. I took a screwdriver and took off the strike plate (metal plate on the door frame with the hole that the latch inserts into). The hole that is made into the door frame is big enough that it lets the latch catch into it. So, years and years of a pain took 5 minutes to fix. It reminds me that no matter how small or big a problem is, absolutely no progress is made unless action is taken. Yet, we sit around in life waiting for things to happen.



A Cup of Freedom

For the first time, I feel free whether I am at my apartment or at home with my family. My life is my own in either place. Before, I felt like I had to pick how I lived according to where I was. It feels so good to feel like I can do what I want. I hope that I can hold onto this for a long time because I’ve been looking for it all my life.